Best Methods To See Who Views Your Facebook Profile 2020


Facebook is nothing new to you all and, if you are active in the world of social network then I am sure that you are active on Facebook too. Facebook is the biggest platform to connect with everyone socially. You can easily interact with your known one’s from any part of the world easily.This platform comes loaded with many unique features where you can share your memories, pictures or can chat, you can even do video chat. You can even check others profile with the help of your Facebook profile.

But due to some security purpose, you cannot see who viewed your Facebook profile. There are an-enormous amount of apps in the market who claims that they can show you how many visitors have viewed your profile till now but honestly speaking none of the apps works properly.

Facebook do not come with any such official way which will say you who viewed your profile. But do not worry I am here to sort out your profile and to show you, how you can see who viewed your Facebook profile.

So let’s find out how you can check out who viewed your Facebook profile.

Methods to Find Out Who Viewed Your Profile

Following are the methods which will guide you explore who viewed your Facebook profile.

Installation of Chrome Extension-

For using chrome extension first you need to install the Google chrome browser into your PC. Once you have installed the browser in your PC download the extension “social profile view notification” from Web Store. Once you have installed the extension you are done with the first step.

How to use the Chrome Extension.

  • First, you need to install the Extension in your chrome browser as said.
  • Once the installation is doneclick on the Add to Chrome Button which is located at the right top end of the browser.
  • Once you click on that location a small pop will appear on the screen. This pop will ask for a permission saying that would you like to add “Social Profile View Notification” as an extension. To complete the action you simply need to click on add extension and your action is completed.
  • Afterclicking on the Add Extension button it will automatically start downloading and installing. Once the process is over it will show you a notification saying ‘Social profile View Notification has been added to chrome’. This notification means your extension is ready to use.
  • Once this process ends visit your Facebook account. Once you are on your Facebook account you will be notified that a new option has been added to your profile which is ‘Visitors’ which will be placed right between your name and the home option.
  • Now to find out who viewed your Facebook profile just click on the ‘VISITOR’ option the extension will help you find outwho visited your profile recently.

There is another way which will help you to know who has viewed your Facebook profile recently is by using the Browser Source Code.

Browser Source Code

Browser source is another way which will help you to explore who has viewed your Facebook profile recently. The following steps will guideyou to see who has visited your Facebook Profile.

For using this you can either choose Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox both the browsers are suitable for using this technique.

  • To find out first you have to log in to your Facebook Profile.
  • Now you need to visit your Facebook timeline option instead of the news feed option.
  • Once you are in your Facebook timeline click on the right button of your mouse and an option will appear which will contain ‘View page Source’ click on that. You can also press CTRL+U which will produce the same function.
  • Clicking on that option will help to flash an option on your browser followed by some complicated codes. Your next step will be clicking on CRTL+F which will help you to give a search bar on the top corner of your browser(CHROME) right bottom for (Firefox).
  • Now on yoursearch, option write ‘initial chat friend list’ on the search option.
  • Clicking on this option will allow you to see a lot of number below the Initial chat friend list those are Facebook profile ID’s who has recently viewed your Facebook profile.
  • So to explore who viewed your Facebook profile recently just copy one of your desired code and put it after FACEBOOK.COM/the code, for example, the code is 1234 then simply type WWW. FACEBOOK.COM/1234 you will be able to view the person who has visited your profile.
  • Pick up those codes and try them one by one to explore out who viewed your Facebook Profile.


These were some of the methods which will help you to find out who has viewed your Facebook Profile. Follow this step which will help you to explore more about your Profile. There are many who are using this technique to see who viewed their profile. Now it is your turn to apply this formula.

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